Thank you so much De, the VHFM Community and everyone else involved.

I’ve often commented in our Newsletters, and it’s one of the most frequently made comments to John and myself by members renewing and joining, Stallholders and people just sitting near the Membership/Information Stand enjoying the music and the atmosphere, that our market has such a friendly, happy feeling to it.

The Stallholders Group is a family, if anyone is sick or has any other kind of problem, everyone is concerned, and wants to know how they are. 

I recently had an unexpected week in hospital with appendicitis surgery, and complications, I’m still a bit puzzled how I managed to do the market post on Friday, 20/1, I was being monitored for my second surgery in two days, and I was pretty out to it! At least it made sense, which is more that can be said for some of the messages and texts I sent!

It was really lovely to have a visit from VHFM Chair De Sparks, Calico Cakes, after yesterday’s market, with this gorgeous flower arrangement for me. She also had my favourite Almond Crescents from Anna’s Homestyle Baking, and somehow managed my favourite chocolates from Chocolique. And knowing me so well, a card from All the Gang, with Dogs and Cats, signed by all the Stallholders, and lots of members too.

Thank you so much De, and everyone else involved, the VHFM Community is such a joy to be part of.

Gill Muller, Vice Chair, and Membership and Information.

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