Saturday’s Market is going to be great, might be a little soggy but the sun will shine!

Hey afternoon everyone I hope you’re all having a wonderful day.

Saturdays Market is going to be great as always, might be a little soggy but the sun will shine! I hope!

No Chocolique this week, they are having a well deserved holiday.

Calico Cakes will have her complete range of Christmas cakes and Puddings, get in and order your pudding this week as the cut off date to order is the 9/12/23 from there what she has in the stall is what there is.

Virgaras Garden has his lovely range of veggies.

Garden candy  has a great range of succulents and seedlings to choose from, they can make great gift ideas for kids to give for Christmas.

Bona has her lovely range of Greek foods.

The other stall holders will be Gina’s Kitchen & Field Berries , Healing Harvest Farm, Wonderlust Flowers, and so much more.

Keep your eyes open for next weekend, it’s our 15th birthday.

Looks to be a lovely cool Saturday morning for the Victor Harbor Farmers Market

Another Cool, with the odd passing shower for market so bring your raincoat just incase

Virgaras Garden will be back with us tomorrow after a short holiday , stock up on all his Spring vegetables , olive oil ect…

After that amazing drenching of rain be sure to grab yourself some Herbs and Vegies for your garden off Mark from Garden candy

Plenty of fresh fruit coming from Riverland Fresh Fruit and also Gina’s Kitchen & Field Berries

Chocolique has been busy making plenty of chocolate for your Christmas gift ideas so pop in and have a look

Kimchi Club will also be with us,

Entertainment tomorrow from Jessie and Luke

Other stallholder will be…

Jelly.Pt. Elliott inc Fleurieu Milk Company products, Calico Cakes,H Kouzina Mas,VICTORFISH,Healing Harvest Farm,Unique Cheeses,Hey Baker and Wanderlust Natives and Wildflowers


Hey Bakers has nutritionally dense, full flavour sourdough baked goods!

Blessed with another market day with sunshine and mild weather.
Riverland Fresh Fruit has some beautiful white peach rich snow variety.
Incredible rose diamond variety yellow nectarines. Honey gold mangos and Kensington pride mangoes.
Hey Baker has nutritionally dense, full flavour sourdough baked goods using ingredients sourced local, they put a high priority on using whole-wheat flour so that you get all the nutrients that the grain contains, in the same ratios. Good bread, done simply.
Limited supply of strawberries Gina’s Kitchen & Field Berries as the first crop has ended and the second crop about to start.
Still plenty of delicious eggs coming from Healing Harvest Farm so keep stocked up.
H Kouzina Mas is back with us with all their delicious Greek cooking.
Missing will be Unique Cheeses and also Virgaras Garden.
Other stallholders will be…
Jelly.Pt Elliott inc Fleurieu Milk Company products, Chocolique, VICTORFISH, Garden candy, Calico Cakes and Wanderlust natives and wildflowers.

Welcome cool change for tomorrow’s market for Chocolique, Riverland & more!

The 40 degree scorcher today will make way for a much welcome cool change for market tomorrow.

Riverland Fresh fruit is back this week,  Last week of navels and the start of Valencia oranges.

First week of new Murray mallee rose potato’s and also these amazing looking Maluma Avocados.

Chocolique has these delicious looking berry white chocolate blocks.

Plenty of fresh Vegetables coming out of Virgaras garden, ideal spring growing weather.

Calico Cakes will be there with a full display of Christmas cakes and puddings so make sure to pop in and place your Christmas orders now.

Garden candy is a must stop shop to stock up on his attractive succulents,  herbs and vegie plants.

Other stallholders will be…

Gina’s Kitchen & Field Berries, VICTORFISH, Healing Harvest Farm, Jelly.Pt Elliott inc Fleurieu Milk Company products, Hey Bagels, Unique Cheeses and Wanderlust Natives and wildflowers.

Missing this week is H Kouzina Mas.

Going to be another nice cool, dry with a bit of wind for tomorrow morning’s market!

Going to be another nice cool, dry with a bit of wind for tomorrow morning’s market!

Our producers have had a busy week preparing!

Healing Harvest Farm has a big supply of eggs with a special on tomorrow only.

VICTORFISH has been busy preparing fresh, delicious local Coorong Mullet.

At Gina’s Kitchen & Field Berries the boys have just harvested the first of this seasons new garlic and the size is enormous.

H Kouzina Mas and Chocolique are both back with us this market after a week off.

Great morning to grab a hot coffee and a bite to eat from Jelly. Pt Elliott inc Fleurieu Milk Company products.

Other stallholders will be…

Calico Cakes,Garden candy,Unique Cheeses, Hey bagels, Virgaras Garden, Wanderlust Natives and Wildflowers.

Missing will be Riverland fresh fruit but will be back with new season stone fruit next week.

No Basket Range Baker as well.

Going to be a fabulous morning weather wise for tomorrow’s market!

Going to be a fabulous morning weather wise tomorrow for market, 25 and sunny.

We are lucky to have Minka from Kimchi Club with us  with her healthy gut loving goodness!

Also back with us will be Unique Cheeses after a week off with her full range of local cheeses.

VICTORFISH is also back this week so stock up on all your different fresh fish.

Plenty of fresh fruit and veg coming from Riverland Fresh Fruit, Gina’s Kitchen & Field Berries, Virgaras Garden and Jelly.Pt Elliot, an early start to spring has resulted in favourable growing conditions.

Wanderlust Natives and Wildflowers will have plenty of beautiful bunches to chose from.

Other stallholder will be…

Chocolique,Calico Cakes,Basket Range Baker,Healing Harvest Farm,Garden candy and Hey Bagels.


Victor Harbor Farmers Market 2023 Spring/Summer Newsletter

Victor Harbor Farmers Market Newsletter

As we write this newsletter, we hope everyone is well and keeping warm. The past few months have seen some very wet and windy Saturday mornings, but despite this, our dedicated family of cheerful stallholders continue to provide fresh and delicious produce.

Adding to the friendly atmosphere of the market are our loyal customers that brave the weather week in and week out – thank you. Finally, we have been blessed with great weather for the last few markets, which has resulted in lots of people enjoying the music and produce.

Click here for the full VHFM 2023 Spring/Summer Newsletter.