Thanks to Customers and Stallholders who made it to the market this morning!

A big thank you to the five Stallholders who braved the weather this morning, and an even bigger thank you to our wonderful customers who did the same.

Everyone wore masks, kept moving well, from what the Covid Marshals could see checked in with the QR codes, or came and signed in at the Information Desk.

It was a little hard to recognise some people, with masks, hats, and being so rugged up but that didn’t matter.

And apologies to anyone who may have come late, we did pack up early. That wind was getting very strong, and we felt that you would understand.

Hopefully next week we will be out of lockdown, and the weather will be better! Our QR code is repeated at each stall, has been since they were first introduced, and the written check in using pens that are cleaned after use is always available at the Information Stall.


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