Gina’s Kitchen & Field Berries yum soups & Basket Range Baker delicious sourdough.

You know the weather is getting much cooler when Gina’s Kitchen & Field Berries has Gina’s delicious soups, Pumpkin and the thickest of veggies for take away meals. And Matt tells me they have plenty of apples, tomatoes, butternuts, carrots, spinach, rhubarb, beetroot, turnips, radishes and those huge brown onions.

Also the weather for sourdough bread. The Basket Range Baker will be there, bread of all sorts, morning buns, almond croissants if you are quick.

Minka from Kimchi Club is coming for an extra week, she’ll be in her usual position, and Unique Cheeses liked where they were so much last week they are going to stay in Hey Bagels spot while Kate and Dave are off on their travels.

De is on the sick list, so no Calico Cakes tomorrow.

We will have Health by Flora, Chocolique, Virgara’s Garden, H Kouzina Mas, Jelly.Port Elliot including Fleurieu Milk Company products, Healing Harvest Farm, VICTORFISH, Studio Goolwa and Garden candy. And Riverland Fresh Fruit will be with us again.

Our musician will be Garry Searle.

8.00am till 12.30pm.

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