Going to be a fabulous morning weather wise for tomorrow’s market!

Going to be a fabulous morning weather wise tomorrow for market, 25 and sunny.

We are lucky to have Minka from Kimchi Club with us  with her healthy gut loving goodness!

Also back with us will be Unique Cheeses after a week off with her full range of local cheeses.

VICTORFISH is also back this week so stock up on all your different fresh fish.

Plenty of fresh fruit and veg coming from Riverland Fresh Fruit, Gina’s Kitchen & Field Berries, Virgaras Garden and Jelly.Pt Elliot, an early start to spring has resulted in favourable growing conditions.

Wanderlust Natives and Wildflowers will have plenty of beautiful bunches to chose from.

Other stallholder will be…

Chocolique,Calico Cakes,Basket Range Baker,Healing Harvest Farm,Garden candy and Hey Bagels.


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