Hey Bakers has nutritionally dense, full flavour sourdough baked goods!

Blessed with another market day with sunshine and mild weather.
Riverland Fresh Fruit has some beautiful white peach rich snow variety.
Incredible rose diamond variety yellow nectarines. Honey gold mangos and Kensington pride mangoes.
Hey Baker has nutritionally dense, full flavour sourdough baked goods using ingredients sourced local, they put a high priority on using whole-wheat flour so that you get all the nutrients that the grain contains, in the same ratios. Good bread, done simply.
Limited supply of strawberries Gina’s Kitchen & Field Berries as the first crop has ended and the second crop about to start.
Still plenty of delicious eggs coming from Healing Harvest Farm so keep stocked up.
H Kouzina Mas is back with us with all their delicious Greek cooking.
Missing will be Unique Cheeses and also Virgaras Garden.
Other stallholders will be…
Jelly.Pt Elliott inc Fleurieu Milk Company products, Chocolique, VICTORFISH, Garden candy, Calico Cakes and Wanderlust natives and wildflowers.
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