Saturday’s Market is going to be great, might be a little soggy but the sun will shine!

Hey afternoon everyone I hope you’re all having a wonderful day.

Saturdays Market is going to be great as always, might be a little soggy but the sun will shine! I hope!

No Chocolique this week, they are having a well deserved holiday.

Calico Cakes will have her complete range of Christmas cakes and Puddings, get in and order your pudding this week as the cut off date to order is the 9/12/23 from there what she has in the stall is what there is.

Virgaras Garden has his lovely range of veggies.

Garden candy  has a great range of succulents and seedlings to choose from, they can make great gift ideas for kids to give for Christmas.

Bona has her lovely range of Greek foods.

The other stall holders will be Gina’s Kitchen & Field Berries , Healing Harvest Farm, Wonderlust Flowers, and so much more.

Keep your eyes open for next weekend, it’s our 15th birthday.

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