The weather is looking really good for tomorrow’s market. Hope to see you there!

The weather is looking really good for tomorrow’s market. 

Hey Bagels will have their Sourdough Cinnamon Scrolls again, they use locally sourced honey rather than sugar in them, they are lip smackingly delicious 

Brent’s mushrooms at Jelly. Port Elliot are always good value, so versatile. He will of course have all his other produce, the vitally important coffee, and Fleurieu Milk Company products 

Kate at Chocolique does have not just the best Chocolate, but the most interesting range of flavours and things stuck on and in the chocolate (important technical term there) 

Other stallholders tomorrow will be VICTORFISH, Virgara’s Garden, Gina’s Kitchen & Field Berries, Health by Flora, Anna’s Homestyle Baking, H Kouzina Mas, Garden Candy and Minka from Kimchi Club is with us.

Our musician will be Alex de Rosa.

8.00am till 12.30pm, see you tomorrow.

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