They were here from the start in 2008! Sat, March 4th will be Con & Harry’s last VH market.

Well it had to happen. They were there in December 2008 when the market first opened. Now, just over 14 years later, they are leaving us for good. Saturday, March the 4th will be Con and Harry’s last market with us.

Just look at those two young fellas from those early days. Time has flown. Harry needs to be a full time carer for his wife. Time to retire.

And boy will we miss them. Not just their fantastic produce, that goes without saying, but those huge smiles, beautiful personalities.

So two more weeks. Then we’ll only have four of our original market stallholders left. But we have built a vibrant market, and when Con and Harry Fresh Fruit do finish on the Fourth of March we’ll shed some tears (probably a lot), and wish them both a long, healthy retirement.

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