Beautiful morning again! Look at this enormous Schnapper from Neil at VictorFish!

What could I have as the last photo for 2022 I said to myself?

I was over near VICTORFISH and saw Neil with this enormous Schnapper, and there it was, my choice made for me.

Beautiful morning again, we have bread at Hey Bagels, Fleurieu Milk Company and coffee at Jelly.PortElliot, and eggs at Healing Harvest Farm.

Strawberries and all sorts of other goodies at Gina’s Kitchen & Field Berries, good gut stuff at Health by Flora, veggies galore at Virgara’s Garden.

Chocolate at Chocolique, Cheese at Unique Cheeses, both vital staples.

Great Greek food at H Kouzina Mas, plus breakfast toasties, Kimchi and more with Minka at Kimchi Club, and gifts at Studio Goolwa.

Mark will be here with Garden candy soon. 

I think we have you covered, see you soon!

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