Get in early, strawberries Gina’s Kitchen & Field Berries + eggs Healing Harvest Farm!

Sorry I’m so late, busy day!

The strawberries are really on the move now at Gina’s Kitchen & Field Berries. They are just luscious.

Sarah at Healing Harvest Farm has been selling out of eggs pretty early. They have a lot of new girls, but they are just a bit too young, very early teens really, to be laying just yet. Sarah said she had been talking to them a lot, tried singing to them. She and I talked about playing them some music, but really, we just have to let them find their own groove, and they’ll start laying when they are ready.

Back with us tomorrow will be De from Calico Cakes, Con and Harry Fresh Fruit, and Anna’s Homestyle Baking (Almond Crescents again, who hoooooo).

We’ll also have Virgara’s Garden, Health by Flora, H Kouzina Mas, Jelly.PortElliot including Fleurieu Milk Company products, VICTORFISH, Hey Bagels, Garden candy and Unique Cheeses.

Our musician will be Brodie Muller.

8.00am till 12.30pm, could be a tad warm.

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