It is beginning to feel like Christmas! Look forward to seeing you at the market!

It is beginning to feel like Christmas! Neil at VICTORFISH has yummy prawns, you’d better get your Christmas order in very soon.

Gina’s Kitchen & Field Berries has raspberries now, as well as strawberries, and I think maybe Albert at From the Grain may have cherries!

De at Calico Cakes really does have amazing fruit cakes and Christmas puddings, gluten free ones too, another must buy very soon!

With the weather vagaries this is a good weekend to buy chocolate from Chocolique if you are thinking of that as a present?

Our other Stallholders will be Garden candy, H Kouzina Mas, Feather & Peck, Con and Harry, Anna’s Homestyle Baking, Virgara’s Garden, Lilyarra Artisan Cheeses, the Coffee Stall incorporating Fleurieu Milk Company products, Healthy Sparkle Nutritious Delights, Atomic Food and the final day of trading for Southern Fleurieu Flora.

Our busker will be Peter from Sonic Fusion.

Social distancing is still important, please use a bag to pick up produce, touch only what you buy.

And tomorrow you can eat and drink sitting down or standing up!

The Victor Harbor Farmers Market will have COVID-19 sign up or QR – once per market.

So things are back to normal on Saturday as far as eating and drinking are concerned. You can sit down or stand up, whichever you prefer!

For the foreseeable future we’ll have our COVID-19 QR sign up at every stall. It would be really good if you would register your presence at the market. You only need to so once at one of these QR code signs.

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can register your presence in writing at the log sheet at the Membership/Information Stall.

Our Covid Marshals are Gill and John Muller, though Gill may be a bit busy on Saturday, it’s the last day of trading for Southern Fleurieu Flora.

More updates about Saturday’s stallholders up soon.

Special today @ H Kouzina Mas! Raspberries @ Gina’s Kitchen & Field Berrie!

Dora and Bona have a good special on at H Kouzina Mas.

Raspberries are in at Gina’s Kitchen & Field Berries, yum!

Garry is warming up in the Gazebo.

Unfortunately From the Grain aren’t here today, I got that wrong yesterday. But Garden candy are here, and I missed Mark off the list yesterday!

Please remember the beginning seated when eating or drinking rule, and the importance of Social distancing.

It’s very pleasant, cool even here at the moment, see you soon.

Gina’s Kitchen & Field Berries will have strawberries again tomorrow!

Won’t it be lovely to be able to get Gina’s Kitchen & Field Berries strawberries again tomorrow! I really missed them last week.

Nearly everyone is back on deck, unfortunately it’s going to be too hot for Chocolique. But at least we are going to be cooler than today!

Con and Harry, H Kouzina MasFrom the GrainFeather & PeckAnna’s Homestyle Baking, the Coffee Stall, incorporating Fleurieu Milk Company products, Virgara’s Garden, Calico CakesVICTORFISHHealthy Sparkle Nutritious DelightsAtomic Food, and Goolwa Bespoke will all be there.

I know it’s going to be a bit of a drag, but it’s really important to remember to sit down to eat or drink anything.

Remember to social distance, touch only what you buy, masks would be good.

Garry Searle will be our busker.

See you tomorrow.

Yes we are open this Saturday 28th November, please maintain 1.5m distancing

After our first closure in 12 years I’m very happy to say we will be open again on Saturday.

As we are still operating under stricter Corona Virus Restrictions until December First please:

You must be seated if eating or drinking, so if you buy breakfast from Atomic Food, or Coffee or hot Pies or Pasties from the Coffee Stall, or Hot Donuts from H Kouzina Mas, you must sit down on one of the bench seats, or the chairs we will be providing around on the lawn areas to eat or drink. We’ll be spreading the chairs out so that you can still social distance appropriately.

Maintain 1.5m Social distancing.

Only touch what you intend to buy, and pick up produce with a bag.

Masks would be good, not compulsory.

Our Covid Marshal, clearly indicated in her fluro vest with a big M on the back will be helping with any enquiries, and making sure people follow the restrictions.

Tomorrow there will be the usual update of Stallholders. Everyone’s very happy to be back!

New stallholder – Tina from The Fur Baby Baker will be joining us this week!

We have another new stallholder starting tomorrow. Tina from The Fur Baby Baker will be joining us on the second Saturday of every month. She sells her handmade, all natural pet treats, so if you bring your dog to the market don’t be surprised if it seems very interested in her stall!

H Kouzina Mas will have all their lovely Greek delicacies.

And our other Stallholders will be From the Grain, Gina’s Kitchen & Field Berries, Feather & Peck, Chocolique, Garden candy, Anna’s Homestyle Baking, Calico Cakes, Virgara’s Garden, VICTORFISH, the Coffee Stall incorporating Fleurieu Milk Company products, Healthy Sparkle and Atomic Food for your delicious breakfasts.

Our busker will be Gene Phoa.

8.00am till 12.30pm, see you tomorrow.

It’s getting closer to Christmas, and warmer weather, see you Saturday!

It’s getting closer to Christmas, and warmer weather, which means Chocolique is taking orders for Christmas, but it also means Chocolique won’t be coming through the hot weather. Always a very difficult time I find, no weekly chocolate treats, quite distressing!

That strawberries are in at Gina’s Kitchen & Field Berries does help to make up for missing chocolate

Our other stallholders tomorrow will be Con and Harry, Feather & Peck, H Kouzina Mas, Anna’s Homestyle Baking, From the Grain, Garden Candy, Calico Cakes, the Coffee Stall including Fleurieu Milk Company products, Virgara’s Garden, VICTORFISH, Healthy Sparkle, Lilyarra Artisan Cheeses and Atomic Food for your Breakfasts.

Unfortunately Gill and John are unwell, so no Southern Fleurieu Flora, and no Membership/Information stand.

Buskers are Alex and Jerry.

8.00am till 12.30pm.

“Healthy Sparkle” our new stallholder is Manu, from Atomic Food!

Yes our new stallholder is Manu, from Atomic Food! Her stall is right next to the Atomic Food caravan, it’s called “Healthy Sparkle”, and today she has these delicious Muesli discs and seed crackers. Next week she’ll have her full range. If she isn’t at her stall just check in the caravan, she’s still taking orders for Atomic Food.

And speaking of breakfast, I’m currently enjoying the Pancakes with bacon, maple syrup and cream, and can highly recommend them.

It’s Halloween, and Anna’s Homestyle Baking has these great cupcakes with bats, ghosts and black cats. Too good for trick or treating!

8.00am till 12.30pm, see you soon.