Francesco’s Virgara’s Garden fresh celery & Unique Cheeses Stokes Point Smoked Cheddar

I’ve really been enjoying Francesco’s Virgara’s Garden freshly harvested celery this week. It’s so full of flavour. I have a plate with it chopped into bite size pieces, and some of Unique Cheeses Stokes Point Smoked Cheddar from King Island, just a crumble with each piece of celery, soooooo tasty!

The cheese also goes really well with the Braeburn apples from Gina’s Kitchen & Field Berries. I’ll have to talk to Barb tomorrow about another cheese to try with my celery and apples.

Our other stallholders for the long weekend will be Calico Cakes, Chocolique, Jelly.PortElliot including Fleurieu Milk Company products (hot soup too), H Kouzina Mas, VICTORFISH, Anna’s Homestyle Baking, Healing Harvest Farm, Kimchi Club, Garden candy, the Basket Range Baker and second Saturday of the month, Kangaroo Island Living Honey.

No Health by Flora unfortunately, last week was their last week until spring.

I missed including Wanderlust Natives & Wildflowers, they’ll be back with us tomorrow.

8.00am till 12.30pm, see you then.

Such a beautiful morning! So still, and the sun is shining. Lots of goodies!

Such a beautiful morning! So still, and the sun is shining.

Health by Flora are here today and next week, then Olivia will be taking a break till spring. She’ll still take orders through Instagram or message/phone so customers won’t miss out completely.

Citrus is definitely in at Riverland Fresh Fruit. Oranges, Mandarins and Limes, and they also have Corella Pears and Bacon Avocados, amongst their other range of fruit and veg.

Unique Cheeses are here, Hey Bagels have great Bagels, the Basket Range Baker has lots of yummy sourdough breads. Healing Harvest Farm has wonderful free range eggs.

Lots more fabulous fresh produce and home made cooking here, Dean Bird is about to start playing, coffee is hot, come on down.

 Chocolique’s hot chocolate always goes down a treat – very soothing on a chilly day.

The weather is looking pretty good for tomorrow, but Chocolique’s hot chocolate always goes down a treat. And buy them for during the week too, very soothing after a long cold day.

Calico CakesVICTORFISH and H Kouzina Mas are back with us, so there are your fruit cakes, seafood and Greek sweet and savouries sorted.

We’ll also have Health by FloraGina’s Kitchen & Field Berries, Virgara’s Garden, the Basket Range Baker, Jelly.Port Elliot including Fleurieu Milk Company products, Hey Bagels, Healing Harvest FarmUnique Cheeses, Studio Goolwa, Riverland Fresh Fruit and Garden candy.

Our Musician will be Dean Bird.

We have had a couple of people respond to our request for volunteers to help replace myself and John, a couple more would be really good to help share the load. See John or myself at the Membership and Information stand tomorrow.

8.00am to 12.30pm, see you tomorrow.

Health by Flora, Kate & Jesse welcomed baby Harriet into the world yesterday.

Happy Days at Health by Flora. Kate and Jesse welcomed baby Harriet into the world yesterday.

The VHFM committee, members and customers all send congratulations to Kate and Jesse on Harriet’s birth, and wish for a healthy (we know her gut will be!) happy life for her.

We really look forward to seeing her at the Market, becoming part of the big Market family, and watching her grow and flourish here.

Our very best wishes to Kate, Jesse and baby Harriet.

Hey Bagels are back & have a chat to Kimchi Club re their Korean Mexican fusion tacos

Hey Bagels are back tomorrow, Hip Hip Hooray.

Kate and Dave we hope you had a wonderful trip, but we did miss your beautiful bagels.

Minka, Kimchi Club will be there. Have a chat to her about these pretty amazing looking Korean Mexican fusion Tacos I spotted on her FB page during the week.

No Calico Cakes, H Kouzina Mas or VICTORFISH this week.

We will have Gina’s Kitchen & Field Berries, Virgara’s Garden, Health by Flora, Chocolique, Jelly.Port Elliot including Fleurieu Milk Company products, Healing Harvest Farm, Anna’s Homestyle Baking, Unique Cheeses, Garden candy, Riverland Fresh Fruit and the Basket Range Baker, they’ll have to leave early though.

Our musician will be Garry Searle.

8.00am till 12.30pm.

Neil @ VictorFish, Coorong Mullet & De @ Calico Cakes, Handmade Fruit Cakes

I think De at Calico Cakes Cake of the Month “Golden Syrup Steamed Pudding” sounds just the go for this rather chilly weather.

And Neil, VICTORFISH tells me he has Coorong Mullet, always a seafood favourite.

Kate from Chocolique will be elsewhere tomorrow, such a busy person.

We will have with us Gina’s Kitchen & Field Berries, Health by Flora, Virgara’s Garden, H Kouzina Mas, Healing Harvest Farm, Jelly.PortElliot including Fleurieu Milk Company products, the Basket Range Baker, Unique Cheeses, George’s Folly Wines, Garden candy, Wanderlust Natives & Wildflowers and Riverland Fresh Fruit are back with us again.

Our musicians will be Jessi Jasmine & Luke Music .

Kate and Dave from Hey Bagels will be back at the market next week.

Please consider volunteering at the market, you really do have a great time.

8.00am till 12.30pm, rug up well.

The Market is looking for Volunteers to look after the VHFM Membership.

So, John and I are leaving, we are retiring back to Adelaide. We’ve had a wonderful fun, nearly 12 years in Port Elliot and 10 here at the Farmers Market. Family calls.

The market is looking for volunteers for membership.

Please email if you think you’d be interested, or come and see John, myself or De at Calico Cakes at the market on Saturday mornings.

It’s a fantastic way to give back to the Victor Harbor community, and the Victor Harbor Farmers Market family is wonderful to be part of, we’ll certainly miss it.

Flowers really do say Mother’s Day, and we have so many for you this lovely morning.

Flowers really do say Mother’s Day don’t they. And we have so many for you this chilly morning.

Hydi, our new stallholder at Wanderlust Natives & Wildflowers has some amazing bouquets in her stand.

Gina’s Kitchen & Field Berries has the traditional Chrysanthemums, and Jelly.PortElliot have Poppies and single Chryssies.

As I said yesterday, soooo many other choices for Mother’s Day gifts, as well as our normal range of fantastic fresh produce, veggies, fruit, free range eggs, seafood and honey today with Kangaroo Island Living Honey being with us.

Alex de Rosa is about to start playing, coffee is hot, we’ll see you soon.

The Market Mums! Please join us for this Saturday to celebrate Mother’s Day!

The Market Mums

If I missed you out, (stallholders) I didn’t have a photo, or I’m a bit brain dead from this house selling/moving thing, and I apologise. And Kate from Health by Flora is a soon to be Mum, very exciting. And yes, that is Matt in the bottom right corner, I couldn’t find a photo of Jodie.

Happy Day Mother’s on Sunday to all these Mums and to all our members and customers who are Mums, Stepmums, Grandmas, Aunties who get to play being Mums, incredibly important friends who help Mums and Mums in waiting.

We have a great range of gifts for Mother’s Day at tomorrow’s market, flowers, gourmet cheeses, Belgian chocolate, KI Honey, locally made jams, chutney and sauces, a range of cakes that suit all dietary requirements, Kimchi products, and other good for your gut goodies, plus pots of herbs, veggie seedlings and succulents! You could put a very special gift basket together shopping at a range of our stalls.

We’ll have Gina’s Kitchen & Field Berries, Chocolique, Virgara’s Garden, H Kouzina Mas, Jelly.PortElliot including Fleurieu Milk Company products, Calico Cakes, the Basket Range Baker, Anna’s Homestyle Baking, Garden candy, Healing Harvest Farm, VICTORFISH, Kimchi Club, Studio Goolwa, Health by Flora, Kangaroo Island Living Honey and Unique Cheeses.

And of course our new stallholder, Wanderlust Natives & Wildflowers.

Our musician will be Alex de Rosa.

8.00am till 12.30pm, rug up, looks chilly!

Hydi Slee, Wanderlust Natives & Wildflowers: new stallholder starting this Saturday!

We have a new stallholder starting on Saturday, perfect timing for Mother’s Day.

Hydi Slee, Wanderlust Natives & Wildflowers grows many of these gorgeous flowers for her bouquets locally at their Lower Inman Valley property.

Her bouquets using a mix of native and exotic flowers are beautiful, and will be just the thing for Mums and Grandmas this weekend.

Hydi will be joining us weekly, so very handy for gifts, or brightening up your home each week.